Sunday, September 26, 2010

Colosimo's Restaurant on HBO's Empire Boardwalk

So last Sunday we watched the premiere episode of HBO's new show Boardwalk Empire. Whenever HBO puts out a new show (especially one about gangsters and crime) we're eager to watch it. Anyway, the show was good which wasn't much of a surprise. However, we were surprised to see a piece of South Loop history utilized and subtlety referenced in the show.

We won't ruin the show, but the infamous Chicago Gangster "Big Jim Colosimo" goes to Atlantic City for some "business". He then returns to Chicago and is hanging out at his restaurant "Colosimo's" in the Sloop (used to be at 2128 S. Wabash) where he was shot dead. Although that was the extent of the role for the neighborhood, it was still interesting to randomly see that piece of South Loop history.

If you're interested here is a link with more information and pictures of Colosimo's.

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