Friday, September 24, 2010

Shootings in the Sloop (the good kind!)

Two days ago we got a couple emails and comments wondering about the new production shooting around the Sloop. It appears Fox has a new police drama called "Ride-Along" set in Chicago that is supposed to start mid-season:

Anyway, here are some shots that people sent to us.

13th and State:

Manny's (ironically we tried to get a sandwich and they were shut down for the shooting):
It looks interesting in our opinion, however some of the stuff seems cheesy (ie - the opening line in the trailer - "Chicago is known as the city that works...some people don't understand that it works in a lot of different ways"). Regardless we will definitely check it out, if only to see some professional Shots Around the Sloop.

(Hat Tip: Nick D, JR, PF, PS!)

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