Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pita Corner and India Grill Appear to Have Problems

We've been talking about and excited that the Pita Corner was coming to the South Michigan Ave. Unfortunately, it appears there are some snags with this place. As you might have seen earlier in July and August there were signs outside the store saying it was going to open in August 2010.

Well September is about to pass and still no grand opening. We peak in quite often and little progress seems to be made. Does anyone have any additional information on this place? Could it be following the same path as the mysterious A'Cappella Bistro that looked like it was going to open and did numerous years later?

In other South Loop restaurant news, it also appears India Grill (1112 S. Wabash) might be closed:
Dear Sloopin,

Has the India Grill closed?

It seems to always be dark and closed these days.

We've noticed the same thing at India Grill and always have questioned how it could stay open based on the lack of people in the place when we walked by.

(Hat Tip: DK!)


Anonymous said...

These commercial enterprises are simply following the sloop pattern: i.e., commercial closings far outweigh commercial openings in the sloop.

Very sad and NOT typical of other "hot" or "desired" neighborhoods in this city.

Anonymous said...

Sloop Landlords are not realistic.
India Grill LL wants 10K per month.You got to do 3K sales daily to make any money i.e. 7 days a week. How is this possible in today's economy. The same story is true for Pita Corner.. you need to pay 7500 per month. These guys have to waite for the Casino's to come to the sloop.

Anonymous said...

A group of co-workers and I headed down to India Grill the other week to try their lunch buffet, and of course were greeted by a locked door. It was disappointing, but after reviewing their reputation on Yelp, it seems we may have dodged a bullet. We ended up eating at Eleven instead, which has good food but charges exorbitant prices (I wonder if it's because of the rent or their lengthy menu).

On a side note, is anon @ September 29, 2010 12:03 PM anything other than a troll? His comment (I've seen a lot like them on this blog) contributes no insights on the topic and frankly uses strange rhetoric that you wouldn't expect from a neighborhood resident. What's your angle, anon?

Anonymous said...

I agree about the SL Landlords. I don't understand the logic of an empty space vs. lowering your rent and having the space filled! I think that is the same problem in Printers Row. The west side of Dearborn is empty, and the east full...and packed with customers! I miss Having a coffee shop on my block, and have to think the rent is preventing anyone from filling the 3 huge empty spaces there.

Anonymous said...

How can you disagree with the "angry anon"?

Is he/she wrong? Not at all.

Anonymous said...

India Grill's prices were also little high on some items. It's not the type of food.. what I hear Curry House on 9th is doing well. Also Curry House advertises in the Indian papers as well. Most do not know about India Grill.. I live on 18th and still have to tell people about IG and other places.

Anonymous said...

lots of stores close and open all the time in any stable or "hot" neighborhood. south loop is no different. lakeview, lincoln park, bucktown, gold coast, even north michigan ave all see regular turnover in their storefronts. guess what? even shopping centers in "hot" suburbs see all sorts of turnover. especially when the economy is down. my guess is those who post over-reactions to store closings just like to rile people up -- and/or this is their first time around the block in life.

Paul Wasserman said...

Sadly, Curry House is now closed as well. So much for Indian restaurants in the Sloop, until somebody else gives it a try.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Curry House is NOT closed.

Get your facts straight before posting, Genius.