Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bash on Wabash Kicks Off Today

Once again the Sloopin gang won't be in the Chi area for labor day weekend and once again that means we can't make it to the Bash on Wabash, the South Loop's neighborhood festival. From what we've read it's been going well and is adding a second stage to this year's festival.

Anyway, we're curious to hear how it goes, so if you went please post a comment and let us know.


Anonymous said...

The South Loops Neighborhood festival? Do people in the South Loop know this.

The link says proceeds go to the "For the Benefit of the Greater South Loop Organization"? Might I ask what the money then does or is used for?

Anonymous said...

Cracker was awesome!

Thanks GSLA.

Anonymous said...

Where was everyone? I guess the musical talent this year didnt draw the crowds. Same as the last three years.

Such a shame! It has potential to be a great festival and yet it seems the vendors and attendees become less and less every year. Im not sure why people in this neighborhood dont go and support it. Ill be shocked if the festival continues next year.

Anonymous said...

Every year I have lived here since 2008, I miss the festival. There is no advertising for the festival, and by the time I am walking in the neighborhood and see that it is going on, I have made other plans. I think the Greater South Loop Organization needs to get the word out to people better.

Anonymous said...

... and not have their festival on a holiday weekend when everyone is out of town.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed when I went. It was my first time going, the crowd was scarce, and there were very few vendors. The festival was maybe a block or two long. It was kind of depressing - after going to festivals like "Do Division" and the Lincoln Park festival, this one was pretty pitiful. I agree with the other posters - I would be shocked if the festival happened next year, and there needs to be more advertising if it does happen again.

Anonymous said...

I made it to the Bash several times throughout the day on Saturday. Here's my report card for the fest:

Music: GREAT for quantity, quality, and variety of music that could compete with any street festival out there.

Basic beer, wine selection: GREAT for getting the basics right (i.e. both wine and beer) and additionally offering a higher quality beer (312) and a somewhat unexpected wine offering (sangria).

Crowd: NOT SO GREAT. While the crowd picked up suddenly during certain performances, the Bash was generally sparsely attended. I can only guess that some of the below items contributed.

Layout: NOT SO GREAT. A fest with an attendance problem should probably cut down on the real estate used and avoid using hard-to-see parking lots for activities.

Timing: NOT SO GREAT. The fest was scheduled simultaneously with the North Coast Music Festival and is possibly too late in the summer.

Promotion: NOT SO GREAT. When a flier doesn't show up on my doorstep until the day of the festival, it's probably too late.

Vendors: ABYSMAL. It is a mystery to me why there were so few vendors from the neighborhood. Moving the fest up a few blocks to encompass and feature Gioco, Flo & Santos, Zapatista, and Opera could make this fest a lot more interesting.

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely terrible about getting the word out about it. There were no signs around the neighborhood. I was planning to attend whenever it was happening, but I just didnt realize it was this weekend until I had already made other plans.

Stephen Reginald said...

If you live in the South Loop and you didn't hear anything about the Bash, you've been living under a rock.

There were posters all over town in local businesses. There was an insert in the Chicago Reader listing all the bands/talent appearing. There was a listing in the Redeye as well as adds in that same paper, and so on.

I've been volunteering and attending the Bash for years and it has grown considerably. The South Loop is a relatively new neighborhood and our festival doesn't have the history that some other neighborhood festivals have. It takes years to build up to Market Days or a Gold Coast Art Festival. The Bash is well on its is the premier outdoor event in the South Loop.

Cracker, 16 Candles, and Rod Tuffcurls and the Bench Press were great and they had large and enthusiastic crowds.

For information on the Bash and other neighborhood information, check out the Greater South Loop Association (GSLA) Web site

Anonymous said...

This event is always poorly promoted . . . and Labor Day is historically one of those holidays where many locals leave town.

Anonymous said...

I was excited to go this year as I missed it last year, but my excitement was short-lived after walking in. The food vendors were pathetic (Cubby Bear?? Where were the South Loop spots?), the "shopping" was a joke, and the ONE carnival game should have just been let go. I would love to know how to get on the board to make this festival something great because the 30 minutes I was there, the crowd seemed to WANT it to be fun, but it just wasn't. The music was actually pretty good, but didn't hold enough attention since there was virtually nothing else to do. The bags area would have been a great promotion to get local bars invovled in, but we didn't even realize it was there until we walked past it on our way out.

Anonymous said...

I live in the South Loop; I didn't hear anything about the Bash and I most definitely do not live under a rock. I do however work considerable hours I go to and from Jewel Osco, Dry Cleaners and Krolls for a drink. I read my news online and check Love you sloopin but even you didn't mention anything until the day of the event. No where did I see flyers or notices about the event. Here are my suggestions, some previously mentioned:

1. Involve our restaurant row. All the great festivals have restaurants involved along with their outdoor seating.

2. Take up a smaller footprint. Wabash is a wide street so condense the event a bit more.

3. Bags is a great draw however provide it for free. If you charge then charge for a tournament; each entry is $5.

4. Advertise! Then Advertise some more!

5. Provide vendor space at a great discoung or free. I spoke to one of the vendors and they mentioned it was really expensive to be there. Same price as taste of licoln ave with a tenth of the amount of people.

6. The music talent is great! Kids play area great! 312 beer and Sangria, Wow!

7. Two words: Beer Pong. This would be the most popular festival in all the land.

I really hope the event returns next year but based on the turn out I am skeptical.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea this was going on until I saw it on the Sloop! I eat out frequently in local restaurants (Hackney's, Bar Louie, Eleven City, Bongo Room) and don't recall seeing a flyer. And certainly no flyers made it up to the condo buildings along 9th street where I live. Actually, when I did find out about it, I avoided Zapatista and such because I was worried it would be too crowded. I guess there was no need!

Anonymous said...

My neighbor is on their board and I only knew about this event because someone told me that he is able to use his rental company for the event. Guess that's Chicago.

Stephen Reginald said...

To all the folks who think this year's event was lacking, I'm sure the GSLA would love to have you volunteer and help make next year's Bash the best it can be. Y

Your ideas and energy will be most welcome.

GSLA said...

The GSLA published a survey today on the recent Bash on Wabash:

In the interest of continuous improvement, please provide your comments and consider volunteering on the Bash on Wabash planning committee. Join the mailing list if you would like to receive community updates.

Here is a link to the GSLA September update: