Friday, September 3, 2010

A Sink Hole at Cullerton & Prairie

A reader writes:
So my neighbors and I are wondering what the deal is with the huge gaping hole at Cullerton & Prairie. It started as a 2 foot by 2 foot sink hole-looking thing 2 weeks ago, and after the City, Peoples Gas & Water Reclamation came out...and looked at it, made it 50 times bigger, then looked at it some more, it's just been blocked off with barriers. No work has been done at all. It's definitely an eyesore and not to mention horrible for thru traffic. Can you get any scoop?

(Hat Tip: LH!)


Anonymous said...

Got a note from the Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance who said it was a large sewer failure, 2nd one in a few months, that created a sink hole that was
10ft x 10ft under only 3inch thick asphalt. Appears there is gas and other utility main there as well. After excavating they had to take measurements and get the new sewer boxes, etc. to repair.

Walked by there yesterday and it appears they have begun the trench box installation to start working on the sewer part which could take 2 weeks to complete. It is huge.

John Jacoby said...

Just to clear things up, this is a manhole collapse, not a sinkhole. There have been countless manhole collapses across the city this year. The sewer line is on a bypass as they rebuild the manhole. They will then reconnect the sewer and backfill. Currently they project a completion date end of next week. If you are looking for info on this or other similar issues don't hesistate to contact the Alderman Fioretti's office.

Anonymous said...

So if I ride my bike over there I won't see this? Bummer. Way to be a voice of reason, John!