Saturday, September 25, 2010

Olympic Deja Vu?

We were suprised to see this on the Chicago Tribune website this morning...regardless we doubt it's going to happen:

The United States Olympic Committee has not ruled out a bid for the 2020 Summer
and the timing of the process makes it likely 2016 loser Chicago would be its most viable candidate.

"I think it would be challenging for any other city to organize a bid in that time frame but not impossible," U.S. Olympic Committee chairman Larry Probst told the Tribune after delivering his state of the USOC address to the organization's general assembly Friday.


Anonymous said...

This is not even funny to joke about... NO BUT HELL NO!

At the rate this city is going down the tubes, Chicago will be a step above 3rd world status. We are broke and the current crop of contestants wanting to be the next mayor will only accelerate the decline. That money should be used to push the gangs and a few politicians out of the state.

Jerry said...

CHICAGO IS WORLD CLASS. You obviously have not visited anywhere outside the States - get a passport.

Anonymous said...


Chicago is world class! I fear we are going to slowly slide down hill. Please go back a read what I wrote.

BTW. I have a passport I lived SEVEN years in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Chicago doesn't need the Olympics. The IOC can go do their con job on some other city that believes the lies they peddle about economic development. The Olympics are an economic black hole. Just check out what London is going through getting ready for the circus they're preparing for 2012.

Anonymous said...

I did want the Olympics the 1st time but now HELL NO the IOC will never give this to Chicago as crooked Chicago Politics might be the IOC is 100 time worst.
They can take their Olympic and stiff it you know where I hope Rio is a big failure I have been there just remember you bullet proof vest when going down there.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is the best American candidate for the Olympics and the entire region would seriously benefit for the decade of development it would bring.
I invite those of you who lack the vision of how an Olympics in Chicago will create thousands of jobs, improve infrastructure and raise the hearts of Chicagoans around the world to reconsider your stance.
Doing nothing will only continue to stagnate our economy and rob our children (and adults) of a hometown Olympic dream in their lifetime.

Anonymous said...

To the last commenter: Platitudes are nice, but point to one concrete example of recent Olympics that have done that. Vancouver was a huge money pit. London is the same. China poured BILLIONS into theirs as a nationalist platform to show off for the world.

At least cities outside the US get money from their federal governments for the Games. Chicago wouldn't. The same people who say what a great economic boon the Olympics are are the same people who say that about publicly funded sports stadiums built for the benefit of millionaire team owners. It's all a scam.

Anonymous said...

What happened to bravery and optimism in this city? My parents and grandparents have big enough balls to take a chance make something work. Too many people on this site and in this city are simply whiners that are afraid of change.
Who gives a rat's a$$ what happened in the other cities, this is Chicago and we can do this right!
Stop crying and make something great happen in this city!

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone forget about Atlanta. They're a city that did it right. I was down there during the Olympics, and the city is thriving compared to before. The downtown isn't a ghost town, they have a great new park for kids to play in, Georgia Tech gained tons of new facilities and housing, the Braves got a new stadium out of it, among other things, and all done without a burden on the taxpayers or any debt. Cities need to focus on hosting and improving what they have rather than trying to make their Olympics the most glitzy, unique Olympics ever putting the city into debt.

Granted if Chicago did participate again, I agree with Daley, that I don't think we'd have a chance cause it will go to some other country that hasn't had it before.