Monday, September 20, 2010

Creepy Clowns = Halloween in the Sloop

Don't be scared, but creepy clowns in random windows only means that Halloween is just around the corner. The one above is in the window at the building at 9th and Wabash. If you're new to the neighborhood this usually vacant retail space is converted into a pop-up Halloween store every fall. So if you need to locate a costume, we highly suggest going here.

Also, we've been told that the retail space at the corner of 9th and State also has a pop-up store for Haloween. Sounds like the area is covered well for Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Im not sure what's so offensive about the comment I have attempted to leave on here, but I find it hilarious that you will not post it, especially considering the ridiculous and often bigoted comments you allow on Sloopin. Apparently, you have no sense of humor about your blog and the people who post comments on here. It leads me to believe that you are just like the ignorant people who often post on Sloopin. And that's just sad.

Here's the comment I was trying to post:

I don't like the crowds these stores attract. This isn't good for the South Loop. These clowns are always leaving banana peels on the sidewalks of our neighborhood. They are so loud when they walk around with those squeaky shoes, it keeps me awake at night. And worse, they drive dangerously, cramming as many people as they can into their little cars - it's an accident waiting to happen! Please do your part fellow South Loopers, call or email Alderman Fioretti and urge him to keep these clowns out of the South Loop.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The other store is at 8th and State, not 9th and State. It probably doesn't matter too much, but just in case you want to visit.