Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye to Winestyles

We've been hearing rumors and rumblings that Winestyles (1240 S. Michigan) was struggling and could be closing up shop and today we unfortunately got an email confirming this to be true:
To our wonderful WineStyles South Loop family, this will be the last e-blast you will be receiving from us.

It is because of your unconditional love and encouragement that makes the decision to close so tough. Effective immediately the store is now closed. It’s the end of a very special time in my life. And it has been an extreme pleasure to serve and befriend you.

There are so many people to thank for sharing their lives with me and my staff that I just can’t name them all here, but without a doubt it includes you. I opened this business hoping to make a positive difference in others’ lives over the fellowship of wine, but as it turns out you have impacted each one of our lives more. Your enthusiasm for the business, bringing in your family and friends and spending time laughing and talking with us has warmed our hearts.

It’s so amazing to know that at WineStyles South Loop: new friendships were formed, business deals were made and babies were added to families during our time together. Lives have been touched in memorable ways. I, we, became a part of your family. You loved and embraced us unconditionally and we will cherish the times we’ve had together. I know that my life has become richer and fuller because of you. I will never forget you and will forever be grateful for you.


Tracye Dee

It was slightly surprising to us to hear the rumors and to see them come true because Winestyles seemed to have a decent crowd every time we walked by. Regardless another retail spot on Michigan avenue becomes vacant.

If it's any consolation, the Pita Corner looks to be progressing well and when we looked inside it looks much nicer then we imagined it would.


Unknown said...

So sick about all these awesome businesses leaving the SoLo. Is this happening to all Chi neighborhoods? :(

Rob said...

Wow, scrappy underdog South Loop Wine Cellar outlasts both Sams *and* wine styles.

Sad about wine style closing? Just walk two blocks south. Amy has never let us down with her suggestions.

It's a little sad to see any shop close, sure, but with luck we'll get something even more special to replace it.

Anonymous said...

This is a tragedy. This business was amazing and it will be sorely missed. I think the bigger issue is the absolute greed of the high rise owners that lease out their commercial space. The rent this place must had to of been paying most likely made it impossible to turn a profit. I believe reading that the vacant space Sam's used to lease was going for nearly 100,000 a month.

Let's be honest, their are high rises that have been built over three or four years ago that have never had a tenant in some of their commercial space. Just shows the greed involved when an owner of commercial space would rather have their spaces empty instead of adjust for a FAIR market rent. Wake up idiot high rise landlords! The values of many condos in the sloop have gone down and people selling need to be realistic to that fact. How about the commercial landlord realize that and come up with a fair lease amount that doesn't require places to not turn a profit. The biggest tragedy of the whole thing is that Winestyles went under even when the competition from Sams was no longer there. Some blame the economy on business no longer staying open which I believe is true generally speaking. I do believe that the sloop defunct business are more impacted by the high leases then the economy. This just pisses me off! O.K done rambling now.

Best of luck to the owner! You guys were always so great and accommodating and will be sorely missed.

Anonymous said...


So sad to hear about the closing! Thanks for your efforts to make a positive difference in people's lives and in the south loop!! You and Winestyles will be missed!

-Reeba :)

Anonymous said...

I will make two points, a bad business model, wine styles franchise is a lousy idea, most of them have failed or are for sale.
#2. High rent factor. In this economy, Sloop rents have to be under 20 dollars a sq ft.

Anonymous said...

Although she was a nice woman, the owner of this francise was not wine knowledgeable. Not surprised by this closing. Further, it appeared as though she was catering more to the Bronzeville crowd - maybe she would have been better off opening in that area.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Subway is eyeing up this spot for a "new" addition to its empire. Close to Jimmy Johns.

stargull said...

And there goes South Loop wine cellars too, by the looks of things. Are we not drinking enough? Come on, people!