Sunday, August 15, 2010

River City Residents Move Back In

Per ABC7 Chicago:

Hundreds of residents of the River City condo building in the South Loop
moved back in Saturday.

The residents are returning nearly three weeks after being flooded out by storms.

They lined up Saturday morning after the building's management group got an "all-clear" from the Chicago Fire Department.

Some residents had been able to reenter their apartments and condos last week to clean out refrigerators and make other preparations, but they could not live in the building until Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Talked to the manager of the Bally's at River City yesterday when I was at the Bally's on Washington. He said it would be five months before it could be reopened since they basically have to rebuild the club. Even though the water only flooded the first level (pool, weight room, sauna, jacuzzi) the lack of ventilation, moisture seems to have trashed the cardio equipment, the fitness studio's floor "bubbled" up, and the tiles started popping out of the walls in the locker rooms. So it will be a brand new club when it reopens. I hope that happens. Considering Bally's financial problems, I was concerned that it wouldn't reopen at all. -- JJ

Cherise said...

Thanks for the update. I've been so worried about losing Bally's for good. I hope they managed to find places for the staff. I really miss my group fitness instructors.

Anonymous said...

What a nightmare this has been. Yes, we're allowed back in, but many people still don't have air conditioning. If you've ever been in the building without it, you know that it feels like you're baking in an oven. No ventilation at all and no breeze from the windows that barely open a crack. I suggest not coming back until you know if your unit has AC.

Scrumpy said...

This is crazy. I already felt bad for that building, it seems like it has fallen on some hard times. And now this.