Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mayor of Chicago: Daley vs. Fioretti?

An interesting read on about our Alderman and the issues he sees as potential platforms for a potential run at Mayor Daley. Although it seems like a soft story to us, it's always captivating to think about potential challengers for Mayor Daley. The funniest thing is that one of the issues Fioretti states is the TIF funds (which he seems to currently be benefiting from given that the 2nd ward has one of the largest in the city):
Mr. Fioretti also would raid Mr. Daley's tax-increment financing subsidy pot, seek more money from Springfield and Washington and stage a serious push to legalize casino gambling here to cut costs and raise more revenue. He says Chicago still isn't business-friendly when it comes to things such as issuing permits in short order, despite repeated vows from Mr. Daley over 20 years to do just that.

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Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but Mayor Daley will beat him like drum. Name big time insiders that would donate to Fioretti that would not be blackballed huge.