Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walk in and then Wok Out...It's Now Open

Sorry for the horrible post title, but we couldn't help ourselves. Anyway, upon a nice stroll up State street yesterday we noticed Wok Out (823 S. State) is now open. From what we can tell it's essentially cafeteria style Chinese that's ready to go. We're looking forward to trying it. It doesn't appear that they have a website but there are a couple good reviews on yelp:
A ok. A cheaper, more choose-your-own-adventure kind of Panda Express/ 65 Asian Kitchen. $6 to fill up a to-go box, decent variety cafeteria-style.

Tough not to come here when I live 10 steps away, if you were working out at XSport or if just plain too lazy to go to Chinatown. It doesn't stay open very late though - 9p weekdays (though maybe you wouldn't want it to be since the food is sitting out). Closed on Sundays

If you've been we would love to hear your thoughts...


Jenn said...

We got delivery from there - meh. Not bad, but certainly not what I'd deem good. Convienient? Yeah, I'd settle for that.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went there last week....horrible!! I should have known better, but we decided to give it a shot. We opted for the "box lunch" alternative. They have what I think was a fried pork dish, but you wouldn't know it. Totally inedible. The fried prawns were really dry and tough. Of course there is your average fair like fried rice (that my husband said was hard) egg rolls and crab rangoon. The cooks are actually frying/cooking right in front of you and as I was grabbing a couple items from the buffet style set up, I saw the frozen packages pulled from the freezer and the contents dumped into the fryer. I realize most egg rolls are brought in at other places too, but the rest of the food just wasn't good at all, I was unable to eat anything for the rest of the day it was that bad. I will not be back.