Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crowds and Logistics at Lollapalooza

So day two is long gone and was successful. The music was solid, the weather was great, and everywhere you looked there were people...and more people. The new and larger layout seems to have improved the traffic flow within the grounds (as compared to last year), but to be honest it seems like the festival has reached its max in regard attendance.

It's been rumored that the attendance numbers are similar to last year even though the acreage of the festival has expanded (we heard 75,000ish per day). Supposedly they could increase capacity up to 95,000 per day but event organizers also said those numbers weren't going to be reached this year. We will see when all is said and done.

Regardless, Lolla can't get much bigger in our opinion. Butler field (which is on the North side of the festival) was absolutely packed. Which was the case last year as well. The problem is that more people are coming to the festival but the fields where the main stages are aren't getting any bigger.

Sunday is usually the biggest day of the weekend in regard to crowds, so we will see how it goes today.

Finally, just wanted to post a link from a Chicago Tribune story today that talks about an often overlooked subject at Lollapalooza, risk and insurance. Yes, when you think Lolla you don't think insurance, but regardless it's an interesting angle on the festival.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how 75,000+ fans of Lolla-type music can mix and mingle for an entire weekend without incident, whereas WGCI night @ the taste always ends with arrests, gunshots, brawls, etc.

Anonymous said...

The organizers need to realize that, aside from the headliners, the indie bands are the main draw for most people. Yet these bands are relegated to the smaller north end, which is consistently and uncomfortably mobbed. Meanwhile the more mainstream acts on the spacious south stages fill less than half the allotted area. Day 2 would have been far more enjoyable if xx, Grizzly Bear, Metric and Spoon were in the South end. Still, overall an impressively well-run festival, especially food, drink, and bathroom logistics.

Anonymous said...

To add to Anon #1's post, the "Roots" music fest in Ada Park on the south side on Saturday night ended with gunshots and murder. This "fest" was advertised all over the Sloop via banners, fliers, and handouts (mostly @ Succeez, entourage man, and near the abandoned 'exposure/utopia' storefront). I pray that no sloopers 'took the bait' and attended this bloodfest.