Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shots Around the Sloop: Transformers

Hat tip to EM for sending us these:

Took the attached shots this evening as the movie crew was transforming
(pun intended) Indiana Ave into a set for tomorrow's shoot. The two images are
of the the back of the old Chevy dealership and the building just south. Sorry
for the blur in photo #1, a studio rep was hot on my trail and I had to snap and

Interesting how the studio installed Star Auto corner sign in pic 1 looks
suspiciously similar to the real Blue Star Auto sign on Wabash. In photo two,
notice the fake street sign listing Avenue P, and the fake bus stop


jgaither627 said...

Look like the same picts to me?

Clippy said...

Why are both images identical? Is it a spot-the-difference quiz?