Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Checking In at the Chicago Phantom Gallery Blog

In June we randomly found a blog called, Phantom Gallery Chicago. From the sounds of it, they were in the process of matching artists/projects with vacant retail around the city (including some spots around the sloop). Obviously we loved the idea (which we read about in the NY Times awhile back) and were curious to see what would happen.

Upon going back to the site it appears that some projects are indeed taking place in our hood:
It also sounds like some called JJ studio has spoken for some of the raw retail space at the Southwest corner of 14th and Michigan:
1400 S. Michigan across from the Firehouse Restaurant, J.J. Studio has already spoken for this space. It is totally raw, no concrete on the ground, exposed pipe, ceiling height at least 30ft, great for installations.

Sounds encouraging and like a great use of vacant retail in the Sloop. If you're out and about, please watch out for these spots and let us know what you think.

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Jonathan Michael Johnson said...

Hey - that space at 1400 S. Michigan is still available. I'm the 'jj studio' from the blog and I won't be using it.

I wanted to, but found out I'd need to lay a floor. Right now, there too many pieces of steel rebar poking out of the gravel at odd angles. They'd need to be covered somehow. Also - no electricity.

The ceilings are beautiful - 30 ft high. Interesting to me, the space is zoned so that it may be finished as a loft, but people wouldn't be allowed on the lofted level - so storage & utilities I guess. Tall ceilings are such a hallmark of this neighborhood.

Maybe it'd be a good fit for an installation artist - or someone into construction. Or maybe it's better used w/ only window hangings.