Tuesday, June 16, 2009

South Loop El Stops See Massive Growth in Ridership

Today the Tribune has an article that looks into some of the best and worst stops on the El. Of interest to South Loop residents was that the Roosevelt CTA stop has seen the largest growth in terms of ridership since 2000 (164.8%). This shouldn't come as a surprise given the growth in the neighborhood and hopefully it will be a trend that continues for the next ten years.

Also of interest is the Red Line Harrison stop which saw a 79.28% growth since 2000. This would explain some why the city determined it would renovate and open a new exit for this stop.


Me said...

And why we need an EL Stop at 18th Street. I wish that project was being fast tracked (heh) as quickly as the demolition of the Ickes Homes.

Sloopy said...

Agreed...we really hope this one is fast tracked. I hate to say it, but if we get the Olympics expect it to get fast tracked. If not, it might be awhile.

According to the city's central area action plan this stop is slated for consideration/completion by 2016-2020.