Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New CTA Entrance on Polk

Good news for Printers Row, the CTA has just opened up a new entrance for the red line Harrison stop.

The new entrance can be found at the intersection of Polk and State (point A on the map below). In our opinion, this is a great sign for the area and especially this developing corridor of the South Loop. Polk street already is a great location and place to visit with it's variety of bars, restaurants, festivals, venues and stores. This new entrance will help funnel people directly into the heart of Printer's Row and we applaud the city on this new improvement.


Anonymous said...

They need to add an entrance on the other side of the cermak redline stop. Also, what's going on with the new green line stop at 18th street?

Me said...

Yep. The creating an entrance on the north side of archer would improve the traffic from the north side of chinatown and parts of SL that sit against this area.

Speaking of which, are they still building that Chinese Hotel on Clark and Archer?