Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roosevelt Collection Going Rental?

Lots of South Loop content on YoChicago this week, so yet again we're directing you to a post about the Roosevelt Collection on their site. Not a lot of information is coming out of the development company so they started a post asking for people to comment on their dealing/discussions with the company. We know there is a lot of interest in this development.


Anonymous said...

Do you guys write anything original or is this going to
be a secondary site for YoChicago articles to get more readership?

Sloopy said...

Thanks for the comment. Feel free to search the site to get a better sense of what we do.

We do a mixture of original content and simple posts and links to other sites that have stories or posts about the Sloop.

Anonymous said...

If you are a buyer at the Roosevelt Collection and have concerns or questions regarding your contract, please send your contact information to Rebecca Hawkinson at and the appropriate person will respond.

Anonymous said...

Officially it's going rental.