Sunday, June 7, 2009

2016 Lobby's for Funds

One of the biggest pros we see in Chicago's attempt to host the 2016 summer Olympics was the potential of getting massive federal funding to help with infrastructure improvements as well as other things. Although we won't know until October whether Chicago will host the games, the committee is already ramping up it's lobbying initiative in Washington:
Chicago 2016 was active in Washington long before. Since September 2007, the privately funded bid committee has spent $480,000 for lobbying services, which have included making sure the federal government is onboard for picking up the costs of security for the Games, and lining up commitments from federal agencies that telecommunications and other services meeting the specifications of the International Olympic Committee will be available.
This is good news in our opinion and a huge opportunity for Chicago (assuming we win the chance to host the games).

On the other end of the spectrum Rick Telander, a sports columnist at the Sun-Times, doesn't think Chicago deserves the Olympics. His gripe, like many others, is the corruption and incompetence within Chicago's Government. Telander cites the city's parking meter deal as the icing on the cake for him. It's a valid point and a scary thought...

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