Monday, June 29, 2009

More Sloopin Retail Roundup

So two new things we noticed on Michigan Avenue:

Doctor's Choice
This new place is going in on the 1300 block of Michigan Avenue (between Homemade Pizza Company and The Art of Modern Dentistry). To be honest, we're not exactly sure what Doctor's Choice is, but we imagine it's a medical supply shop. Does anyone know anything else about this? We didn't find much online about it.

South Loop Pantry
The retail scene within the high rise at 1720 S. Michigan is pretty barren, but according to Everyblock Chicago, that could be changing. We will keep our open for more info on this.

Finally we wanted to give a shout out to the SouthLoopNews twitter feed. Although we're not exactly sure how often it's updated, we did find the info on the South Loop Pantry from them. We're not huge fans of twitter, but we know a lot of people are...hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

It is indeed a medical supply store:

A disappointing addition, but better than vacant retail space I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Please hurry up and get the South Loop Pantry getting tired of walking up to Sams and Jewell

Sloopy said...

Yeah not the ideal store, but something is much better then nothing.

Anonymous said...

There is a public notice in the retail space on the NW corner of Michigan & 13th (Sky 55) that a business named "Sky Grocery" has applied for a liquor license.

Anonymous said...

Awesome more places to buy food!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what this is: