Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sloopin Interview on Chicago Journal

Just wanted to direct people to an interview we recently did with Micah Maidenberg over at Chicago Journal. It gives some more background on our goals, opinions and intentions for the blog.

We assume most of you know about the Chicago Journal, but if not we suggest checking it out. They do a great job of covering the neighborhood and other things pertinent to Sloopers!

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Anonymous said...

Great interview Sloopy. I especially liked your take on the similarities between Manhattan and our beloved South Loop. I've always gotten that feeling looking north on the corner of Wabash and Roosevelt, especially when you look at all the different buildings run by Columbia College. I'm forever grateful to Columbia College and all that they add to our neighborhood: Art galleries open everyday and free, their fantastic student body who definetely add a great artsy, indie vibe that no other neighborhood has. I want to be the first to say that Grant Park, the museums, etc, aren't near the South Loop but actually in the South Loop. We can claim them as ours. Keep up the great work. I've rented my place out in the South Loop and currently live in Arizona, and find your site my favorite way to get in touch with home. One more thing, I can't imagine what our neighborhood would look like if Chicago wins the Olympic bid.