Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Buddy Guy and Friends Celebrate 20 Years of Blues at "Legends"

As we mentioned a couple of days ago our local South Loop blues shrine, Buddy Guy's Legends, is celebrating it's 20th year of existence and last night was the official anniversary party. Lucky for us we were able to attend!

Although it was a rainy and nasty Tuesday night in Chicago, you wouldn't have known judging by the packed club. If you wanted a seat you would have had to get there mighty early, but it would have probably been worth the wait. Not only were you treated to the sounds of Harmonica Hinds and the Brother John Band, but Mr. Legend himself, Buddy Guy, snuck on stage around 10ish for a surprise sit in.

It truly was a treat to see Buddy get on stage tell us about the blues and shred some metal with his scintillating solos. Besides the blues, Buddy seemed to get his fair share of booze while on stage (which is understandable, after all he does own the place).

All in all it was a great night and definitely reason to celebrate. Congrats to Buddy and the Club and let's hope for at least another 20 years of Buddy Guy's Legends!

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