Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Recreational Dispensary Scouts Out Locations In and Near the Sloop

Looks like a new business on Wabash could change how people experience the Wabash Arts Corridor (via Block Club):
As cannabis companies race to open new dispensaries in Chicago’s lucrative retail corridors, the field has now been expanded to the South Loop.
PharmaCann, which is currently permitted to open four recreational dispensaries in Chicago — including two in the lucrative Central Cannabis District — is eyeing two locations along South Wabash Avenue in and near the South Loop, according to documents filed with the city.
Those locations include a one-story building at 418 S. Wabash Ave. across the street from Roosevelt University on the south end of the Loop. The building rents for $225,000 per year, according to commercial real estate brokerage Sperry Van Ness.
The company is also looking at a retail space below the Fairbanks Lofts at 900 S. Wabash Ave. on the Columbia College campus in the South Loop.

To be clear the 418 S. Wabash location is north of Ida B Wells (formerly Congress) and we would argue is more "Loop" than "South Loop" - but it's still damn close.  Here is a look at that building:

What is definitely in the Sloop is the 900 S. Wabash location:

This location has never had a long term tenant since we've been doing Sloopin (over 12 years).  That said, it has a myriad of pop-up stores - things like seasonal Halloween store and pop-up stores from artists and Nike (in 2014).

While the space at 900 S. Wabash is pretty dated, it's a good location and has a lot of "character".  It would probably make a great spot for a weed shop given it's proximity to many colleges and central location within the neighborhood.

The article surely doesn't seem to say it's a slam dunk, but this is the first concrete story we've read about a dispensary coming to the South Loop.

(Hat tip:  DS!)

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