Thursday, January 16, 2020

Momentum Coffee and Coworking Coming to 2100 Block of South State Street

It looks like a new coffee shop and co-working space is coming to South State (2100 Block of South State - near Reggie's):

What is Momentum Coffee and Coworking?  Well it's what it sounds like, but if that still isn't clear enough it appears that an existing space called The Blue Lacuna in Pilsen is similar or affiliated.  Here is the "about" page from their site:
Blue Lacuna Co-working space is an evolutional approach to how people work.  This space serves as an ecosystem for passionate personalities to grow themselves and their businesses on many levels through a unique tenancy, highly dynamic environment and first rate programming.
Our goal is to transform office space, event space,  civic space, community participation space, amazing art, creative projects and scores of unique participants into a vibrant and synergized community.
Blue Lacuna is a partnership formed by Ignite Technology and Innovation a not for profit with a mission to build more spaces throughout Chicago and other urban centers in the USA. We strive to create spaces that are affordable but all also create programming that helps accelerate the development of communities.

It appears Momentum Coffee will be similar.

(Hat tip:  KE!) 

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