Thursday, January 30, 2020

Apolonia Restaurant - from the Chef of S.K.Y. in Pilsen - Coming to Corner of Michigan and Cermak

A reader sent us this link and sounds like a huge get for Motor Row Entertainment District (via LTH Forum):
Chef Stephen Gillanders, owner of acclaimed S.K.Y. restaurant in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, introduces the launch of a unique new concept slated to open this fall. Apolonia, named after Gillanders’ grandmother, will be located in South Loop and feature European-Mediterranean fare with an emphasis on seafood. The bright, 100-seat space will evoke a contemporary, approachable atmosphere, and offer Chef Gillanders' signature shared-plate, social dining experience.
"I'm excited to show how much range we have as a team. Apolonia will differ completely from S.K.Y. conceptually, however, we will carry with us the things that have worked so well for us operationally: service, technical execution, creativity and culture. The idea is to provide a completely new experience to our guests, rooted with the same principles we have grown into and executed with the same precision we are known for,” Gillanders explains.
The space is located at 2201 S. Michigan Ave. and will offer dinner service five days a week with plans to expand into weekend brunch and eventually lunch. According to Gillanders, "The South Loop area is beautiful and growing and absolutely ready for a restaurant such as Apolonia."

We've heard of S.K.Y. but have never been.  Doing some googling and it looks like it's killing it in Pilsen - 4.5 stars on Yelp, positive write-ups in Chicago Tribune, recognition from the Jean Blanchet Awards.

While the corner of Michigan and Cermak hasn't historically been a coveted spot, the vision and potential has always been there.  This is another MAJOR step in the right direction for this area and in our opinion is probably the biggest indicator of a potential tipping point.  If this restaurant can thrive it could easily spawn the entertainment district the city has been coveting for some time.

(Hat tip:  CF!)

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