Monday, January 6, 2020

The Grail Cafe Officially Opens Their Doors at 715 S. Dearborn

Lots of excitement in the neighborhood about the opening of the new Grail Cafe at 715 S. Dearborn.  They had a soft opening late in December, but officially opened their doors on January 1st, 2020 (from their Facebook Page):

And we've heard from a variety of readers, such as:
Wow, this place is extremely busy! Just wanted to let you know. Barely a seat open during lunch time rush.

We haven't been yet, but curious what everyone is thinking.  If the first 7 reviews on Yelp are true (6 five stars and 1 four star), it seems like it's a gem.  We really liked what A.S.V. said on yelp:
Even before entering, the curb appeal of the beautiful logo and art deco design, finely crafted dark woods and rich golden palette announces that this cafe is something special.
It only gets better when you step inside. While it just opened New Year's Day 2020, you feel like you could be in Paris circa 1925. The vintage stylings are complemented by original artwork by co-owner and accomplished artist Steven Cook. Despite the exquisite decor, it's also warm and inviting, with soft, comfortable booths, inviting smells, quiet ambient music and a friendly staff. Locals might be tempted to make a day of it, which is entirely doable, as the cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We arrived after 5, and while not quite hungry for dinner, sampled the carrot, sweet potato with pistachio pesto soup, and the Mediterranean Couscous en papillote -- cooked in folded parchment paper to seal in moisture and steam the food. They open it up at the table where you get to breathe in the aromas. The herbs and spices were perfectly balanced, and I quickly forgot that I wasn't hungry and inhaled it (making an effort to slow down for moments to savor it). Compliments to chef owner Sheldrick Holmes for the best tasting couscous I might have ever tasted. I look forward to trying the others, Herbed Mahi Mahi and Za'atar Tofu, maybe with some wine next time.
Welcome Grail Cafe and thanks to the owners for bringing your biz to the Sloop!

(Hat tip: JTS!)

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