Monday, August 11, 2014

Nike Air Pop Store Opens at 900 S. Wabash

Work in progress at Nike Air Pop-up Store (900 S. Wabash)
Just last week a reader emailed us about brown paper on the windows at the retail space at 900 S. Wabash.  He thought it might be in conjunction with an Obey mural that was being painted just south of the retail space.  As suspected it isn't.

The retail space at 900 S. Wabash seems ripe for a permanent tenant, but apparently no one wants to lock it down.  It is usually a Halloween pop-up store every year.  However, last year it served a pop-up studio for artist Hebru Brantley during and around Lollapalooza.

This year, it appears that a bigger brand, Nike Air, is taking the space over.  While it appears that Nike goes big when they do a store, it's not a permanent store (we walked in and asked).  The store will be open throughout the week.

We tried to do some searching on the interwebs, but surprisingly didn't find much.  No press release, no dedicated web page, nothing (or at least we couldn't find much).  What we did find was a smattering of social media pictures and shoutouts.  This one is actually from the @NikeChicago handle:

It would appear that we're not in the know on this topic, but a couple thoughts: One it sounds like this may be in conjunction with the popular South Loop sneaker shop, Succezz (1329 S. Michigan).

A reader actually did find something and sent us this from a website called modern-notoriety (which also has a ton for pictures from inside):
Nike World Basketball Festival is just a few days away and what better way to celebrate the occasion, by opening up a Pop Up shop in Downtown Chicago where all WBF festivities will be taking place. The Shop is located at 900 S. Wabash and is a one stop shop for gear, customizations on Tees, Jerseys and Sneakers, and a good spot to interact with local personalities. Make sure you stop through and pick up some gear for WBF.
Anyway, if you're into sneaker culture or are just interested to see how Nike "does it", head on over to the store this week.  It's pretty amazing that they put this much money and energy into a pop-up store.  They must be doing something right.

(Hat tip:  RB, NP, MI, MR, JR, TR, MW!)

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