Thursday, January 9, 2020

The X Pot Restaurant That's Coming to Roosevelt Collection Lands On Prestigious Eater List for 2020

One surprising South Loop location pops up on Eater's "The 14 Most Anticipated Restaurants of 2020 in Chicago" list:
The X Pot
Address: Roosevelt Collection, 150 W. Roosevelt Road, South Loop
Key Players: David Zhao, robotic servers
By summer 2020, robots should be swarming Roosevelt Collection. Robotic servers are part of the allure of the X Pot, a new Chinese restaurant that promises a 5D experience for private events. The restaurant, which also has a Las Vegas location, uses video projection to provide customers with an immersive dining experience. Images are projected on plates and walls while patrons eat hot pot and other dishes. Robot servers will complement humans and work together for a unique meal. A spokesperson said customers can also customize their private 5D experience for an additional cost.

We've written about the concept before and certainly are intrigued (and skeptical) but it's interesting to see it popup on this list.  Certainly some high expectations from the crew at Eater.

We did some perusing on their digital footprint and they have some pretty cool pics from their (presumably) Las Vegas location:

Not going to lie...looks pretty cool.  We'll be curious to see if it happens and if hits their summer 2020 goal.

One more interesting thing about the post from Eater was that it appears there is a new music/entertainment space coming to a close location to the Sloop:
Address: 640 W. Cermak Road, Pilsen
Key Players: Nick Karounos, Chef Henry Hill
Details are still trickling in about Radius, a new 55,000-square-foot music venue with room for 2,500 to 3,800 people. The project includes a bar and full-service restaurant inside a space called Cermak Hall. Chef Henry Hill, who helped bring nearby Dusek’s Board and Beer a Michelin star, is consulting on the restaurant’s menu. Stay tuned for menu details as they haven’t yet been released. Musicians with concert dates include inaugural act Dillon Francis, who performs on February 29.

Where is this and is it in the Sloop or Pilsen?  Guess it doesn't matter, but nice to see a music venue that's coming to the South Side.

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