Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Beware! Coyote on the Loose in the Sloop!

From a reader:
I don't have a picture because my instincts and reflexes aren't the best, but this morning, I was walking on Plymouth, underneath Roosevelt, when a large, brown coyote ran through the tunnel heading south at a breakneck pace. It was in a full sprint, zipping past parents with children. A car was pulling out of South Loop Elementary and almost hit the coyote, but it ricocheted off the corner of the hood, its limbs akimbo before landing on the asphalt. It then continued barreling down Plymouth.
Everyone stood motionless for a beat, wondering what had just happened. Kids seemed undisturbed, as they probably thought it was a loose dog.
Keep your small pets on short leases, Sloopers.


(Hat tip:  DS!)

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