Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Jimmy Green's Closes After 7-Year Run at 825 S. State

In case you missed it last week - Jimmy Green's (825 S. State) is closed according to their Facebook page:
Well you heard it here first. Jimmy Green's is saying thank you & goodbye this Saturday night – May 13, 2017. It has been an honor to be part of this truly vital neighborhood. We have welcomed dozens of sports greats including most of the '85 Bears, Bobby Hull plus Blackhawks, White Sox, Cubs, Bulls and Bears stars from yesterday and today. But mostly we've had the honor of serving thousands of our neighbors. We will never forget what we created here and we never forget the friends we made in the name of Jimmy Green's. Join us 'til closing Saturday night, May 13, 2017

Well, this isn't great news, but in our opinion it's not terrible.  We've had some mixed experiences at Jimmy Green's and in our opinion is definitely in the lower tier of options for bars/restaurants in the Sloop.

With Bulldog Ale House moving in just down the street, our guess is that the neighborhood won't really miss Jimmy Green's.  That being said, it will be interesting to see what might move in here.  Hopefully something good.

As a reminder, Jimmy Green's opened their doors back in 2010.

(Hat tip:  LM, KJ, A, SS, MC!)

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