Monday, July 17, 2017

Hax & Gordo's Officially Open Today!
Help Us Update our 2017 Business Counter

We have official word from one of the Hax/Gordo's owner that today is the official opening date for both spots (733 S. Dearborn and 729 S. Dearborn respectively):
Gordo's Ice Cream Bar
Hax will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “We want to create a hang-out space where locals, students, Bears fans, and tourists alike can come together around good food & drink and enjoy each other’s company.” Says Hebson. Hax will also serve coffee, hand-spun shakes, and homemade pies. The Grand Opening party will feature a jazz band, the Willy Blair Trio, $3 Mai Tais, and free homemade pickles. “The pickles are actually free every day.” Says Hebson. “We just leave them out and let people help themselves.”  
Hax sister restaurant, Gordo’s Homemade Ice Cream Bars, located next door with a pass-thru to Hax, will also be open. In addition to customizable ice cream bars, Gordo’s serves homemade churros, expresso, lattes, and homemade desserts.
Now that we have official word of this opening, we've taken the opportunity to go back to our 2017 Business Counter and scrubbed it to ensure it's accurate (to the best of our knowledge).

A variety of doctor offices have opened on Michigan - Weissbluth Pediatrics (1471 S. Michigan),  EZ Dental (1466 S. Michigan) and Brighter Dental of South Loop (1620 S. Michigan).

Readers!  Can you help us out and let us know if we missed something?  Additionally, below is our list of potential businesses - can you help vet to ensure it's accurate?  Are any of these dead (like Blu Dog Stay Play spa)?
• Blu Dog Stay Play Spa (2000 S. Wabash)
• Jamaica Jerk Villa (2216 S. Michigan)
•  Reflexology Foot Parlor (1319 S. Michigan)
• TBD Salon (705 S. Dearborn)
• Pin me up (2411 S. Michigan)
 Natural Girl (1547 S. State)
• Big Shoulders Chicago (1449 S. Michigan)
• Rosebud's Artist's Cafe (1150 S. Wabash)
• The Vault (1325 S. Michigan)
• Bulldog AleHouse (910 S. State)
• World of Beer (250 W. Roosevelt)
• M Vie (TBD)
• Title Boxing (250 W. Roosevelt)
 TBD tattoo Parlor  (2008 S. Prairie)
• TBD Asian Restaurant (1234 S. Michigan)
• Lobo Rey (1307 S. Wabash)
• TBD Ramen Spot (1303 S. Michigan)
• TBD Deli Spot (755 S. Clark)
• Cycmode (1333 S. Wabash)
• TBD Medical Services Business (41 W. Congress)
• Athletico (State & Harrison)
• Himalayan Express (606 S. State)
• Royal Puppies (Cullerton and Wabash)

(Hat tip: AM!)

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