Thursday, August 10, 2017

Phenomenal Fitness Relocating from 1450 S. Michigan to 2001 S. State (Blue Star Apartment Retail Space at Cullerton and State)

A reader writes:
I noticed that there appears to be a gym getting ready to open on the corner of State and Cullerton and was wondering if you have any news on what type of gym this might be and their open date?
We actually just drove by the new apartments and did see a bunch of treadmills in the retail space at at the corner.

We received a separate email from the owners of Phenomenal Fitness and it appears they're moving to this space:
We were at 1450 S. Michigan and we moved to 2001 S. State.
Additionally, it sounds like they're going to be running a trial month promotion in honor of this move.  Reach out to them for more details.

As a reminder, we posted about this apartment conversion back in 2014.

(Hat tip:  VS!)

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