Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Art of Pizza Coming to 727 S. State (Old Toppers Pizza Space)

Looks like we're getting another Pizza Spot:
New South Loop Pizza Place: Art of Pizza: In summary, in the South Loop location (Polk and State) where about one year old Topper's Pizza recently closed, another pizza place named "Art of Pizza" appears to be moving in (see pics).
My initial feeling is that it's ridiculous for another Pizza place to move in given that it is between 2 other pizza restaurants within about a block including popular Lou Malnati's. This is especially true since Topper's Pizza was at the location for about a year and opening that store may have been the "last straw" resulting in Topper's closing. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who initially agreed with me. He asked me the name of the new Pizza place and I said "Art of Pizza". His tune changed dramatically and informed me that "Art of Pizza" has phenomenal inexpensive pizza, had great reviews of their pizza, and the "Art of Pizza" other location on Ashland is a cash cow. Please note my friend is in the "glass" business (fixes broken storefront windows and the like) and knows and has done work for the owner of "Art of Pizza" but is honest and does not have an agenda!!
We echo the readers sentiment.  Seems excessive, but we'll see.  It does look like they have pretty high yelp score.

As a reminder Toppers Pizza closed at this location in February amid the franchise closing up shop.

Any thoughts on this one?

(Hat tip:  NR!)

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