Monday, September 18, 2017

Taco Madre and South Loop Market Moving in on 800 S. State Block

It seems like retail activity is really picking up around the Sloop.  Today we've got an update on a post we did last week and another piece of news about something in the same building.

First, on Thursday last week we posted about a Mexican restaurant coming to 823 S. State.  Well signs are up in the windows now and it appears it's Taco Madre:

We're not familiar with Taco Madre, but according to the Google there are three existing spots in the burbs.  Before the naysayers say - "Why do we keep on getting suburban spots trying to move into the city?"  Maybe you should look at their 4.5 star Yelp review.  Has anyone ever had Taco Madre and can you vouch for this spot?

We've also noticed that South Loop Market is moving into the corner of State and 9th.  This space has forever been vacant, so definitely a welcome addition.  South Loop Market has a variety of locations throughout the neighborhood so they know what they're doing.

This stretch of south State street is getting a shot in the arm and is finally starting to warrant solid foot traffic.

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