Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Retail Closings: Freshii in Target & Health Elements

A couple closing to bring you up-to-speed on:

1)  The Freshii in Target appears to be closed based on a post we read on Hello South Loop,  As a reminder, Freshii opened in October of 2015 and was one location of a broader partnership between the healthy food chain and Target.

As judging by the picture to the right, the test didn't go so well.  While it was nice to have a Freshii in the neighborhood some questioned the quality and service of the location.  We had numerous occasions where the quantities of food ranged wildly and the consistency of the quality was often a conern  (for instance to much sauce!).

It would be nice to have a Freshii (or Protein Bar) in the neighborhood, but it would also probably be beneficial if it was a legit franchise - not an offshoot.

2)  A reader writes that Health Elements at 79 E. 16th street has officially closed their doors about two weeks ago.  We don't have much to say about this place.  So yeah, not terribly upset about this one.

(Hat tip: ND & JO!)

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