Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Has Rahm Lost All Political Capital for DePaul Stadium?

City whistleblower, Ben Joravsky of the Chicago Reader, pens an article with the current political situation the mayor faces and some of the issues his DePaul stadium faces (via Chicago Reader):
The first time the City Council had a chance to vote on funding the Marriott/DePaul boondoggle, Mayor Emanuel gaveled the deal so fast that most aldermen didn't even know what happened. 
Not that many of them would have defied the mayor then if they had. 
This was back in summer 2013, when the mayor was feeling so mighty he thought he was free to take $55 million from our broke schools and parks and use it to buy land in the South Loop for an arena and hotel that no one asked for or needed. 
Obviously, things have changed in the wake of outrage over the mayor's handling of the Laquan McDonald shooting.

It's an interesting read (although hard to follow at times).  Anyway, if your not a fan of Rahm then you will probably like reading this article.

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