Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Haberdash Store to Close Concept and Store at 600 block of N. State Street

Founder, Jerry Kahmi, at Haberdash on State Ave. 
To revisit a story about Haberdash, a business that closed at Roosevelt Collection in June of 2015, we read yesterday about difficulties they ran into and as a result are shutting down the whole concept (via Chicago Tribune):
Haberdash, a men's clothing store in Chicago's River North neighborhood, is closing its doors after 10 years.  
The end will come by late January, according to a sign on its window. Haberdash was founded in 2005 on Wells Street in Old Town but moved to Tree Studios in the 600 block of North State Street about five years ago.  
Last year, Chief Executive Jerry Kamhi talked to the Tribune about the challenges of running a men's clothing store.

While Haberdash had the look of a big, reputable brand and was ambitious in it's nature, the reality is that their concept was a classic example of a mom/pop store trying to compete with large conglomerates.

Anyway, while we never like to see things like this happen, there was a sentiment that the Sloop wasn't equipped to handle a high-end clothing concept.  Maybe we can take some solace in the fact that maybe it wasn't us, maybe it was just their concept.

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