Monday, April 6, 2015

Where to Watch the Badgers in the NCAA Championship Tonight

We've talked about good times we've had at Kroll's (18th and Michigan) watching the NCAA tournament in the past and if you're looking to watch the championship game tonight, we'd suggest heading over there tonight.

The Tribune actually had an article about Chicago rooting for Wisconsin tonight and gave a shout out to Kroll's:
Kroll's a great place to watch the NCAA Tournament
In the Chicago area, excitement for the Badgers goes well beyond the cardinal-and-white-donning Wisconsin alumni and even beyond basketball fans, according to Danielle Nicholas, assistant general manager at Kroll's South Loop, which hosted about 200 people during Saturday night's semifinal.  
"A bunch of staff members who have never watched basketball are getting incredibly excited about basketball," Nicholas said. "You find yourself weirdly rooting for this team you have no affiliation with."
Should be a good and fun game tonight!

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