Thursday, April 9, 2015

Church of Scientology's Proposed Location at 650 S. Clark Making its Way Through the Legal System

It's been awhile (back in 2010) since we've heard about the Church of Scientology's plans to open up a new facility at 650 S. Clark (via Timeout Chicago):
The new HBO documentary Going Clear has put Scientology at the center of the national conversation. The church is huge in Los Angeles, and the notion of the religion being active in Chicago seems alien (pun intended) to most locals.  
There is already a Scientology church here, a rundown location in Lakeview with the sign "Hubbard Dianetics Foundation." The church is also in the process of opening another, grander location in Printers Row at 650 S Clark St. The city filed a $2,000 housing complaint against the owners of the location in 2013, which is still making its way through the system. The church is being represented in the matter by local law firm Pedersen & Houpt.
We just finished the Going Clear documentary on HBO and definitely makes you question the origins and acts of the Church.  However, we live in a city and in a relatively diverse neighborhood so will respect their rights and their beliefs.

South Clark has seen a lot of development lately ranging from rental buildings, condos, bars and restaurants.  Looks like you can add a controversial religion to the changing face of South Clark.

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