Friday, April 10, 2015

Mailboxes Come back to Printers Row

A reader writes:
Just as mysteriously as they disappeared, several South Loop mailboxes have reappeared! The boxes at the corner of Plymouth & Polk and Dearborn & Harrison have been returned. However, the one that was in front of Sandmeyer's Bookstore is still MIA. So happy to have them back because going to the post office was often a hassle during the winter months.
If you recall, this was a topic discussed on the Sloopin message board recently.

A reader gave this background as to why they might have been removed:
From the horse's mouth, or to say the nice guy who runs the UPS store at Polk & Dearborn, the City took out three boxes, Polk & Plymouth Ct, 700 S Dearborn, and Dearborn & Harrison when there were protesters in town, and at the time it was anticipated that Polk & Dearborn was their parade route. Turned out not to be, I do not recall even which desent it was attributed to, but for sure the boxes did not return.  
There are still boxes to west on Clark Street, and even one to the south on 1000 S Plymouth Ct., so I assume business and post office policy has not changed. We just lost our boxes. Funny how the City can take out all those unused newspaper boxes for the same event and return them, but not my mail box!!
(Hat tip: SK!)

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