Thursday, April 23, 2015

La Haven Coffee Officially Open at 1240 S. Michigan

In case you're walking down Michigan Avenue today and need a coffee fix, it looks like La Haven Coffee is officially open at 1240 S. Michigan (former Crave Cafe space):
If an open sign on the window and lights on is still not proof enough for you a reader posted this comment yesterday on our original post about this coffee shop:
They are open!! Finally good coffee in our neighborhood. Did I mention they are selling drinks at $1 for a limited time. Staff seemed friendly. Even asked for feedback on the taste of the coffee.
From what we can tell, they're an independent coffee shop (as mentioned in a post by Eater Chicago):
They aren't run by La Columbe but they will serve its coffee. 
We're looking forward to trying them out.  Welcome to the Sloop!

And the business counter has been updated.

(Hat tip:  ER!)

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