Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Brick-Paver Crosswalk and Street Re-Striping Coming to Dearborn/Polk Intersection

A reader writes:
As a frequent user (as pedestrian and driver) of the Dearborn+Polk intersection, I have looked forward to painted cross walks and lane lines ever since repaving happened last fall. Today I got this update from Dean Argiris in Ald. Fioretti's office that explains the situation. I thought your readers might be interested. I personally am looking forward to the brick-paver crosswalks. 
Last year our office funded the installation of brick-paver crosswalks at Polk/Dearborn. These are high visibility crosswalks that are safer as motorists can see them from farther. They are scheduled to be installed sometime this year, CDOT should circle back to us with a time frame.  
As for the street re-striping, I believe this was put on hold because there was a small stretch of Polk that remained to be completed. Last I was informed, there is some underground utility work expected to be done and when that is completed, they will resurface that section and do a complete lane marking.  
Once I get the time frame for those projects, I will let you know. In the meantime, ... I have asked CDOT to throw down some temporary markings.
(Hat tip: GM!)

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