Saturday, November 1, 2014

Did You Earn a Hat-tip? Get Your Sloopin "Hat Tip" T-Shirt!

Here at Sloopin our amazing readers and contributors make this site what it is today!  Without you and your tips, we would be pretty lame.  While we may never be able to fully repay you, we do what we can by recognizing all of you with a gracious "Hat Tip" and ability to receive a t-shirt for your kindness.

As a reminder, the new Sloopin "Hat Tip" t-shirts are here and for those of you who have recently submitted tips or published posts you're now officially eligible to get your t-shirt. If you see your initials below, please send an email to to let us know you're going to go to Well Future Pharmacy (1442 S. Michigan) to redeem your shirts:

  • MD
  • RP
  • SS
  • LL
  • PL
  • CD
  • AK
  • HS
  • SLV
  • KT
  • VH
  • TOC
  • CD
  • JV
  • BZ
Thanks again for all the tips and keep them coming!

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