Monday, November 3, 2014

Mago Grill & Cantina Signs Go Up at Roosevelt Collection

It appears that another restaurant has signed a lease at Roosevelt Collection as signs for Mago Grill & Cantina are now up in one of the vacant retail spaces near the ICON movie theater.

Other two, yet to open restaurants that have been announced for Roosevelt Collection are Chop and Mirai Sushi.  All three restaurants will be positioned on the north side of the complex near the movie theater.

Last we heard Chop was shooting to open in October.  Being that it's November, seems like that date has passed.  So we will wait and see what happens with all three restaurants in regard to timing.

We've never eaten at MAGO, but it appears to be a suburban mexican chain with decent reviews on the interwebs (see Yelp 3.5 stars).  Has anyone been?

Here's a couple pics from what appears to be their South Barrington location (via Yelp):

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