Sunday, August 10, 2014

Volunteers Needed for 2014 Bash on Wabash

The Bash on Wabash is coming up (August 23 & 24th) and the Greater South Loop Association is calling for volunteers:
Hi everyone, 
Hopefully you already know that the Bash on Wabash is coming up on August 23 and 24 ( if you didn't, now you do. 
There is a lot going on this year - A LOT - in an attempt to make the festival more lively, entertaining, engaging, exciting, and so on. Better bands and food, yes, but also a South Loop chef demo table, a 5k run, a 10mi bike ride, street entertainment (i.e. karate demos from a local dojo, BMX riders, the DePaul basketball team), beer tastings, a massive Kids' Bash, and so on. 
I hope you'll come, but I also hope you'll consider volunteering some time as well. A couple of perks come with volunteering - 1) Attend our Bash kick off party at Roosevelt Collection on August 7, with food from Porkchop and live music. 2) Get a free pint at Vice District Brewing in August if you wear your Bash shirt. 3) And get to meet some new South Loop neighbors! 
There are lots of ways to volunteer, lots of time slots, etc. Follow this link to see your options and sign up: 
Please also feel free to share this with neighbors, your building e-mail list, churches, etc. Thanks in advance!

(Hat tip: JE!)

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