Friday, August 8, 2014

Chopstick Chinese and Sushi Replaces Yang's at 28 E. Roosevelt?

We noticed this as well:
As I walked to the red line yesterday I noticed that Yang Noodle is now Chopstick Chinese and Sushi. Do you know if this is simply a rebranding of Yang, or did Yang close down and this is a whole new restaurant? I peeked in the window really quick and it seemed to look the same inside as when it was Yang. Yang's website is still up and operational:
Old sign for Yang's
I don't know if it's the same owner but regardless, the new sign is UGLY compared to the more subtle Yang's.

Hopefully the new restaurant is an upgrade, because we were never really fans of Yangs (even though it was the first meal we ever had in the Sloop).  We remain skeptical especially given that there are so many other great Asian options in the neighborhood and that Chinatown is so close to us.

Does anyone have the scoop on this?

Update from a Reader:  We were regulars at Yang, probably eating there 2-3 times a month. Mr. Yang decided to retire and sold the business a few months ago. The new owner undertook the recent remodelling and, apparently, has renamed it as well. Per a conversation about a month ago with the staff, they are planning to add sushi and smoothies to the menu.

(Hat tip:  JM and BW!)

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