Saturday, August 9, 2014

Netflix's "Sense 8" Filming in the Sloop This Weekend

Looks like a new Netflix series is shooting in the Sloop this weekend (via Chicago Tribune):
“The series follows eight characters around the world who, in the aftermath of a tragic death, find themselves linked to each other mentally and emotionally,” “Sense8” co-showrunner J. Michael Straczynski told Deadline. “They can not only see and talk to each other as though they were in the same place, they have access to each other’s deepest secrets. Not only must they figure out what happened and why and what it means for the future of humanity, they must do so while being hunted by an organization out to capture, kill or vivisect them.”
Movie Trailers on Wabash just south of 14th
From the Tribune article sounds like the show is scheduled to debut in 2015.

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