Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Walking Tour of Chicago's Classic Rail Stations

The Chicago Architecture Blog recently did a post about a Rail Station walking tour they did which included the Sloop's Dearborn Station.  They provide some context on why the did the tour:
We are lucky to still have a classically designed working rail station in Chicago, filled with ornamentation and unusual designs in its nooks and crannies.  
There were actually eight interstate rail stations in the city back in 1930, all located in the same general area. I went along with intrepid local historian Rich Kolar and a dozen street photographers last weekend to shoot the remnants of that golden era of rail travel. It’s a walk ripe with possibilities for architectural photography.

Classic rail stations are usually something to behold.  If you have some time, maybe you can recreate this walking tour - sounds fun to us.

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