Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Toppers Expanding Throughout the City; Adding Two Other Locations in the Sloop?

Via Chicago Sun-Times:
You don’t need a business degree to know Toppers Pizza could work in Wrigleyville.
The restaurant chain, which caters to college students with late-night hours and unusual toppings (tater tots, mac and cheese), is moving into the former Swan Cleaners at 3404 N. Sheffield in August.
“We are 78 percent delivery, and one of our key differentiators is that we are open until 3 a.m.,” said Chris Cheek, chief development officer for Toppers, which got its start in Champaign.
“We are looking for areas with a lot of night traffic, foot traffic and nightlife.”

Makes sense to us, but what doesn't make a ton of sense is another note about expansion in the Sloop:
The Wisconsin-based company, which has restaurants in Greektown and the South Loop, plans to open stores in Andersonville over the summer and Lincoln Park in the fall. Franchise-owned locations are slated for Bucktown this summer, with another in Oak Park and two more in the South Loop by year-end.
Two more spots in the South Loop?  Seems strange to us.  Where could they be going?  Maybe somewhere south of Roosevelt?  Or maybe it's in the Loop, but just the south part of the Loop?  We shall see.

If you remember, Toppers opened in the Sloop back in late 2012.  While it ain't gourmet pizza, it ain't bad for the cost.

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