Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thrillist Lists Jimmy Green's "Jumbo Bloody Mary" 3rd Most Ridiculous in Chicago

Jumbo Bloody Mary at Jimmy Greens (via Thrillest)
A pretty funny read at Thrillist ranking Chicago's most ridiculous Bloody Marys.  We laugh and tend to agree:
3. KETTLE ONE JUMBO BLOODY MARY Jimmy Green's (825 S. State)
"Jimmy Green’s combines both of our city’s loves (hot dogs and sports) with a mini-yet-mighty Chicago-style dog atop its Bloody. This will make those early morning World Cup matches (and watching soccer) tolerable."


If you're wondering what could beat that - it's the Bloody at Sunda:
1. SUMO MARY Sunda
"Good luck wrestling the city's most ridiculous Bloody Mary. 32oz of Bloody mix and Absolut Chicago vodka (distilled Ditka sweat?) in a mason jar, boldly garnished with: Chinese broccoli, loompya stick, herb-roasted potatoes, Oshinko, tocino grilled cheese, baked snow crab hand roll, duck bao, braised pork belly, and three slices of bacon. Come for the vodka and tomato juice, stay for the Chinese buffet perched on top."

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