Monday, March 31, 2014

Advice Needed: A UChicago Resident's Looking Into the Sloop

A reader who is moving to Chicago is looking for some advice:
Hey there,  
I recently found out that I'll be starting my medical residency at UChicago in June, and everyone has been telling me that I should move to South Loop. While moving across the country after a decade in Florida is daunting for the obvious reasons, having little to no familiarity with the city only complicates the transition.  
I was hoping you would be able to provide me a little insight on the areas of South Loop that I should be focusing on during my apartment hunt, and if you have any tips or tools that could simplify my search.  
Thanks in advance for the help. I've been reading your blog since I found out I'd be coming to Chicago, and it's only gotten me more excited to finally make the move.  
All the best.

Obviously we're a little biased, but generally speaking we think the South Loop is a great place for a lot of reasons.

For people like you it's a great way to be in the heart of the city, but avoid the longer commute if you were to live in the North or West sides (that's probably the most practical reason people are giving you this advice).

In regard to neighborhoods within the Sloop, you can't go wrong in our opinion.  Printers Row is a little more "urban" than other parts, but has a fascinating history and everything you could need within a block or two.  South of Roosevelt is great as well - however the further you go south the less there is going on (from a retail, foot traffic standpoint - but that's changing on a daily basis).  It's also more residential than further north in the South Loop.

South of 18th is still pretty desolate.  South of 16th is quiet.  South of 14th is active, but not overwhelming.  Between Roosevelt and 14th is busy, but not like a loop or lincoln park (popular north side neighborhood) type of way.

However in reality, we wanted to post this because the Sloopin readers can give you a better sense of what they like and where you should look.

So readers - help him out, what do you think?

(Hat tip: MP!)

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